We aim to maintain the church and our Tiffany Window collection so that it remains beautiful, as it is in the photo to the right, throughout its history for all visitors.

Glorious as it is, the 160-year-old structure suffers from age, the extremes of climate, and the inherent frailty of the building’s brownstone exterior. In order to preserve the church’s historic fabric, the building needs a significant amount of restoration work that current fundraising cannot address alone.

We are starting a new restoration project soon! We will be hosting a neighborhood reception to welcome the residents, supporters, and any questions. For more details, please visit our events page.

A recent evaluation of the church exterior by a preservation architect has identified over $10 million in necessary repairs to the building envelope.

Your donations and support help fund these restoration and preservation efforts! The steps we take to restore and preserve the building are expensive, and as a non-profit, we also try our best to fund these with grants and donations. Please visit our donate page to learn more about how you can make a difference today.

Arlington St. Church

View of the Arlington Street Church from the Boston Garden


Over time, the building’s exterior becomes damaged from various factors, such as the weather and overall aging. In these cases, the brownstone exterior had eroded and the stairs had been filled in due to its decay.

These are other points of structural degradation which our building faces.