3 TapeWrite TEST The Annunciation

Little Memorial Window, Signed at the lower right: Copyright 1900/Tiffany Decorating Company /New York
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                                       Glenn Kulbako Photography

Similar to “The Message of the Angel to the Shepherds” (window 2), the divine power of the Archangel is suggested by its physical dominance of the composition — his outstretched hands and elaborate wings practically explode beyond its borders. His powerful essence is also conveyed through the voluminous draperies of his robes — created by taking full advantage of the opalescent qualities of the glass — and the solid white background that suggests his illuminated essence. In contrast, Mary is dressed in shades of dark blues and greens. Her hands are raised in a gesture of humility and awe as she learns her fate from the divine messenger. The arch of branches and vines create a secondary inner border, again reflecting the integral relationship between nature, the divine, and mankind. 

The window was dedicated to James Lovell Little (1810–1889), a member of a family that was instrumental in developing the Back Bay area during the late 19th century. Little was also honored for his caring for soldiers and their families during the Civil War. The donor of the window was John Mason Little, his son. Both father and son were chairs of the church’s Prudential Committee. The bottom of the window carries an unusual inscription—Little’s signature recreated in glass paint. The wording “Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company” informs us that it was glazed prior to the renaming of the company as “Tiffany Studios” in 1902.