15 Rejoice and be Exceedingly Glad

Wigglesworth Memorial Window

Signed: Louis C. Tiffany/New York 1922

Window 16 is to your left on the balcony towards the entrance.


Rejoice and Be Exceedingly Glad: Louis C. Tiffany/New York 1922

This window tells of the jubilant promise of the afterlife. As the angel looks upwards, her accompanying cherubs play the pipes and cymbals. The intricacy of their wings is again a reminder of Wilson’s interest in accurate studies of birds and true-to-life renderings. The cloud-like motifs at the bottom of the composition hint at these characters’ heavenly domain.


Henrietta May Goddard Wigglesworth (1805–1895), wife of Dr. Edward Wigglesworth (1804–1876), was memorialized by this window. It was donated by her daughter Henrietta Wigglesworth Holmes Fitz (1847–1929), a Vice-President of the American Unitarian Association and the daughter-in-law of Oliver Wendell Holmes.