14 Blessed are the Pure of Hearts

Eustis Memorial Window

Signed: Tiffany Studios November 1906

Window 15 is to your left on the balcony towards the entrance.


Blessed are the Pure of Hearts: Tiffany Studios November 1906

This Beatitude’s interpretation differs from others in the sequence in several ways. Besides the dissimilar color scheme of beiges and browns, the background behind the angel’s garland-adorned head and wings features an arch motif often seen in Art Nouveau. While it could be read as a variation of a halo, it simultaneously mimics a rosette design of a stained glass window. Therefore it could be interpreted as a “visual pun." Moreover, unlike the other Beatitudes, this personification of Purity directly engages the viewer, and the cherubs hold palm branches and a victory garland that crosses over the bottom of the figure. Cast off to their sides are shields elaborately decorated by painted patterns created with stencils. This imagery suggests that a spiritual victory is achieved through purity of one’s heart rather than by martial means.


Given in memory of Reverend William Ellery Channing’s daughter Mary Channing Eustis (1818–1891) by her daughter Edith Hemenway Eustis.